The only wireless plans
that follow your wireless habits.


Why us?

Because who really needs that much wireless. Those other wireless companies offer unlimited plans because they know that the average customer won’t use it. You as a customer pay for service you’ll never need. We have developed a point plan that eliminates all that waste. Start saving now by getting the plan that shapes to your wireless habits.

How it works.

Pick how many points you need based off your wireless habits. Then purchase a plan and the rest is easy! When you start using your phone, points are automatically deducted from your bucket. Whether you like to use more data over minutes, the plans will shape to you. Plus, we throw in free global text with every plan.


Here at Eco, we understand that some of us love our devices. We won’t make you get a new one to get our service. We welcome your devices! Another added bonus, Eco Mobile is available on three of the nations top networks. From CDMA to GSM, we’ve got you covered. With coverage like that, your phone is bound to work with our service.