SIM Card Setup

Inserting your SIM Card to your device.

Depending on your Device, inserting your SIM Card is easy.

Devices with removable Battery and Battery Door, your SIM Card is located under the battery.

Devices without a removable Battery, ie: Apple iPhones and other smartphone devices. Your SIM Card is located on the side of your device inside a SIM Tray.

  • Locate the SIM Tray but looking for a oval shaped area with a small hole
  • To remove the SIM Card from your phone, all you need is a SIM Card ejection tool, or paperclip.
  • Stick the injection tool into your Devices SIM Card tray will eject the tray and the card.
  • Be sure to follow the direction of your SIM Card into the tray, they only fit one way.

SIM stands for Subscriber Identity Module. The SIM card is a tiny chip that’s inserted into your phone. It’s tied to your phone number and identifies you, the subscriber, to the EcoMobile network. It can also store data like phone numbers and contact info. The EcoMobile SIM card contains three difference SIM sizes: standard, micro, and nano.

Some phones and devices have an eSIM (embedded SIM card) built right in, so there’s no need to install a SIM card. An eSIM is part of the device and can’t be removed. Some devices even offer dual SIM capability—one eSIM and one removable SIM—so you can have two phone numbers on one device (for example, a work number and a personal number).

If you lost or damaged your phone, and need a new SIM card for your replacement device. You can order one here.

Once received simply Chat or Call us at 1-855-825-8855 to request a SIM Swap. Your number will be transferred to the new SIM Card