Programming your Sierra Wireless Overdrive

The following final activation steps are intended for the Sierra Wireless Overdrive.

After the phone has been activated with ECO Mobile:

Programming Method

A full device reset will reset all wifi and network settings on the device back to the default of the device. This may be completed as follows:

  1. Take off the back battery cover and press in the reset button (using a pin or similar object) for 6 seconds. When the LCD screen asks you to push the power button to reset the device, press the power button once.
    (You will then see reset in progress until reboot).
  2. When the device reboots log into the device using Wifi or the cable and visit the website
    (if required click on the link “My Overdrive Pro’s homepage”)
  3. Under the admin login enter the password “password” then choose “Advanced Settings” which will now be selectable
  4. Select Device -> About -> Click “Reset device to factory defaults
  5. Enter the MSL (found on the device page of your account) and click “OK
  6. The device should then reboot and on initial boot of the overdrive will activate over the air.
    (if not, please go to login -> Advanced Settings -> “WAN” Tab -> Update 3G profile )