Programming your Motorola Startac

The following final activation steps are intended for the Motorola Startac.

After the phone has been activated with ECO Mobile:

Programming Method: Motorola Startac Devices


  1. To enter the NAM1 programming mode you must push the following buttons in sequence leaving no more than 2 seconds between key presses. press 7, 4, 6, 6, 3, #, FCN. The screen will display ENTER MIN.

  2. Now enter the MIN. (The MIN is the same as MSID from above.)

          When finished press STO to continue

  1. Now you must enter your analog system id. (Do not change the Analog ID.)

          Press STO to continue

  1. Finally, enter your digital network id. (Do not change the Network ID.)

          Press STO to go back to the start up screen. You will now be able to make a test call.