Programming your HTC Windows Device

The following final activation steps are intended for the devices running any Windows OS.

After the phone has been activated with ECO Mobile:

One Touch Programming

If this is not the first time activating your device, or hands free activation did not complete successfully, use one touch programming.


1. From the home screen, tap the Right Arrow.

2. Scroll to and tap Settings.

3. Tap Network Profile Update.

4. Tap Update ProfileYour device automatically begins the Device Configuration.

5. After it completes, tap Done.

6. Press the Home key.

7. You’ve now completed one touch programming.

Note: If one touch programming fails, continue to the next guide.

Manual Programming




Only use manual programming if the one touch programming did not complete successfully on your device.

Manually programming your device requires a 6-digit programming code and a 10-digit MSID. If your device was activated via, these codes may be found in the phone activation confirmation email or on the programming instructions page displayed after the activation was processed. These codes can also be found in the programming page on your web self care account.

  1. Tap the Phone Icon.

  2. Tap the Dial Pad Icon toward the button .

  3. Dial ## 72786 #.

  4. Tap MSL.

  5. Enter MSL, then tap OK.

  6. Tap MSL.

  7. Tap MDN.

  8. Enter MDN, then tap OK.

  9. Tap MSID.

  10. Enter the MSID, then tap OK.

  11. Tap Save.

  12. Tap OK for the phone to restart.


Once the phone has restarted, it will be ready for use. Please make a test call to insure the programming steps were completed correctly.