In order to port your number, you will need your account number and PIN from RingPlus. Your account number should be your phone number (without any dashes or spaces) and your PIN may be the MSL (or master subsidy lock) of your device. You can confirm both of those numbers easily from your RingPlus dashboard.

  1. Head over to your RingPlus Account Dashboard.
  2. Click Port-out/Port-in under the Account Features section.
  3. In the top right-hand corner of the screen, you should see Port-out Information.

Once you have your RingPlus account number and PIN, you’re ready to activate. Just visit and follow the steps.

RingPlus Free Month Promotion

ECO Mobile will be providing one month of free service for all former RingPlus customers who have ported to ECO Mobile. Once your port is complete, make your first top up and we will immediately provide a second top up to cover your plan for the next month of equal value.