iMessage and FaceTime will work with any ECO Mobile network while the device has a data connection, either using your plan’s mobile data or a WiFi connection.

ECO Mobile does not offer any out of network roaming services. What this means is you will get In Network coverage within the 50 states and will get no coverage outside of the United States or roaming on another Carrier’s Network. It is highly recommended that you disable any roaming voice and data features from your Handset to ensure that the correct network settings are configured into your handset for maximum In Network coverage.

ECO Mobile offer international calling on all our plans either as Pay Per Use or Monthly Unlimited. Visit our Plans page to learn more.

We offer monthly Unlimited plans starting at $20. You can visit our plans page to choose the best option for you. Get started today by bringing your own device or shopping for a new phone in our online store.

At ECO Mobile, we’re here to help. If you can’t get the information you need from these FAQ pages you can contact us using one of the following:

Online web submission

By Phone: (855) 825-8855

By Email:

When you are ready to active your device, please visit activate to begin your activation.

IMPORTANT: If you wish to bring your current phone number to ECO Mobile, it is important to be 100% accurate with your porting information. If incorrect information is provided, it can cause delays to the transfer. If you wish to get a new ECO Mobile phone number, your Service Zip Code will be used to generate your area code and phone number.

If your device is a Sprint Network Device, you can reuse our existing Sprint UICC (SIM) card that came with your device you can activate today on our service. If you no longer have your Sprint Network UICC (SIM), you can order a replacement ECO Mobile Sprint SIM with your first month of service.

If your device is an unlocked GSM Compatible Device you must order a ECO Mobile (3 in 1) GSM SIM Card from our online store.

If your device is a CDMA Network Compatible Device you must order a ECO Mobile (3 in 1) CDMA SIM Card from our online store.

ECO Mobile offers service on the Sprint Nationwide Network. You can bring your own Sprint LTE or 3G device for use with any of our plans.

What devices will NOT work with this service?

Even though we work with all different types of devices, some exclusions apply. These include:

Locked Tracfone devices
Boost/Virgin Mobile Branded devices
Devices reported lost or stolen
Devices reported for fraud
Devices under an existing contract with another carrier or if funds are still owed to your old carrier so they block the use of your phone with us.

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